Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell


Anthony Russell is a Yiddish singer in Oakland, California. He first heard of the song when studying the work of famed cantor Sidor Belarsky, who recorded it.


Robert Scherr


Robert Scherr is the Jewish chaplain at Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We met in Poland in the summer of 2016 and filmed him singing it in a Krakow synagogue.


Jeremiah Lockwood and
Jewlia Eisenberg


Jeremiah Lockwood and Jewlia Eisenberg are two Bay Area based musicians that I’ve asked to learn the song because I love their music.


Liliana Cordova Kaczerginski


Liliana Kaczerginski is the daughter of the author of the song and lives in Madrid, Spain.


Sarah Wall


Sarah Wall is my mother, and the girl the song is about. While she died in 2002, in her testimony to the Shoah Foundation, she spoke about finding the song at the U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum.

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