Hanna Yarmarkov


Hanna Yarmarkov lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has the most compelling history with the song. She learned it as a child in Israel, and sang it at her 50th birthday party in memory of her parents, both Holocaust survivors.


Felicia Sloin


Felicia Sloin is a cantorial soloist and music teacher in Northampton, Massachusetts. She first learned the song to sing it at a memorial service for Alix’s mother, Sarah, and last year, taught it to her students at a Jewish school where she teaches.


William Dreyfoos


William Dreyfoos is an attorney and composer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He arranged the song to be sung by the William Baker Festival Singers, a choral group.


Virginia Burton Stringer


Virginia Burton Stringer is a playwright and author of young adult fiction who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She wrote a play called “Can You Hear Them Crying,” about children in the Holocaust, and ended it with the song.


Rus Nerwich


Rus Nerwich is a jazz musician in Cape Town, South Africa. His CD of music from the Holocaust, “Beyond the Walls,” begins with “The Lonely Child.”

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