Lyrics to Dos Elnte Kind (The Lonely Child) |  English Translation


Who’s chasing me — who?
And leaves me no peace?
Oh mother, my mother dear,
Where are you, where?
Your Sorele seeks you,
Your child’s crying out
Howling and wailing like wind in the grass.
My father is missing,
Who knows where he’s gone?
He was caught in a trap by a terrible foe.

The night was so dark, when this happened to him,
Still darker than night was my dear mother’s face.
All day she wanders, all evening she roams.
All through the restless night, the child worries on.
She hears in her mind her father’s close footsteps,
Her mother still rocks her and sings her this song.
If it happens some day that a mother you’ll be,
you must make your children aware of our pain.
How your father and mother suffered under the enemy.
Forget not the past, not for one single day!